Product design leadership and innovation

Hi! I am a Seattle-based, product designer with more than 20 years experience leading teams and delivering impactful end-to-end UX.

Design details, an anthology

A collection highlighting my detailed design work, from visual UI to deep structural UX, that I've delivered over hundreds of projects.

Ecommerce platform

Design for a complete ecommerce platform for products and subscriptions, including the responsive website and back office UX.

Global web banking platform

Design architecture for an ecosystem of websites to meet a full range of consumer and business banking needs, worldwide.
A little perspective about me

What my coworkers say

Jay is one of those rare professionals that you feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to work with. Saying that he has the ability to do Information Architecture or User Experience is a significant understatement to his capabilities.... What truly sets him apart, however, is his ability to diagnose and create a path to success across an entire system. I truly hope I get the chance to work with Jay and his giant brain again in the future.
Christian Manzella
Christian Manzella Global Head of Digital / UX
Jay is one of the best design partners that I've enjoyed working with. One of his strengths was around taking complex design problems and simplifying them by using frameworks or commonly known mental models. His leadership approach was admirable in the sense that he would guide the team in the right direction by asking the right questions in the most non-leading and humble ways.... He is a pure joy to partner with and I recommend him without any hesitation.
Hina Shah, Ph.D.
Hina Shah, Ph.D. Principal UX Researcher
I wholeheartedly recommend Jay for any senior leadership position in design. His unwavering creativity, openness, resilience, and ability to visualize complex concepts make him an invaluable asset to any organization. Jay consistently leads by example, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration that empowers individuals to achieve their best work. It has been a pleasure working alongside him and really hope we get a chance to work together again in the future.
Tony Wilson
Tony Wilson Senior Director of Engineering
Jay is an exceptional people manager who always prioritizes the well-being and growth of his designers. He fosters a respectful and supportive environment, empowering his team members and acknowledging their contributions.... Jay excels with his systematic thinking and thoughtful approach. He navigates complex challenges effortlessly and effectively communicates with engineers, PMs, and stakeholders... Working with him feels like collaborating with a trusted friend.
Gloria Gong
Gloria Gong Senior Product Designer
Jay is a rare bird: He understands systems strategically and also can take you down into the guts of an information problem to understand its complexity and help you find logical, workable solutions. He has a knack for presenting useful, cogent scenarios and examples that make all the difference.... I watched him distill complex problems for senior managers, designers, and technical teams that helped us make smart decisions that took us in the right direction with limited time and resources.
Karen Semyan
Karen Semyan Principal Product Manager
I had the pleasure of working with Jay, who was my design manager... Jay was always interested in helping us grow as designers. He was also extremely empathetic, always checking in with us and making sure we had everything we needed to succeed. I appreciated how he would take off his manager hat and interact with me as a peer. He treated us with respect and empowered us to do our best work. I wish Jay could have been my manager forever… He will be a valuable asset to any team he joins.
Rumi Whipple
Rumi Whipple Senior Product Designer
Jay has a rare combination of technical and social savvy. He's comfortable talking database with developers, talking visual hierarchy with designers, and talking metrics with stakeholders. What I find maybe most unique about Jay, though, is his ability to apply high-level strategic concepts all the way through the tiniest details. He has a remarkable brain—and he's a nice guy.
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner Chief Marketing Officer
Jay was an amazing design manager... He helped to find areas and opportunities where I wanted to expand my technical and soft skills, and further aided by providing advice and resources regularly. He's also a wonderful ally.... Jay was skillful in crafting stories via design artifacts and other methods across a variety of audiences, including our design team, product team, stakeholders, and cofounders. I would gladly welcome any opportunity to work with Jay again in the future.
Jamie Powers
Jamie Powers Senior Product Designer
Jay is a thoughtful, collaborative designer. We partnered on many highly visible, critical features for Highspot, and what stood out to me the most was that Jay wasn’t afraid to ask tough questions and challenge assumptions. He pushed product teams to think deeply about what they were building, helping us deliver high-quality features that many buyers indicated were the reason(s) they purchased our software. Any product team would be fortunate to work with Jay!
Caroline McMeekin
Caroline McMeekin Product Marketing Manager
One of the most collaborative Design leaders I've worked with... He never missed an opportunity to allow each team member to advocate for their best interest, from Product to Engineering to Services, and push for savvy design that satisfied as many use cases as possible. Jay is a fun, inquisitive and gracious leader who makes space for others. I am happy to recommend Jay, and look forward to the path he charts next in his career. He's a good one!
Apryl Broach
Apryl Broach Principal Services Executive
Jay and I worked on the same team. As an engineer, I truly appreciated his level of collaboration, responsiveness and quick follow through, tact at bringing alignment cross organizationally to a specific design related question or feature, thinking big picture but not losing sight of the smallest detail. I really miss working with Jay day to day.
Bri Hiramine Latimer
Bri Hiramine Latimer Frontend Developer
I worked with Jay as part of the design team at Moz. He contributed a lot to many of the big initiatives of our team, from architecting our cross product multi-seat experience to helping establish team processes and structure and much more.... He always faced challenges with a positive attitude and helped unify many initiatives across teams with different disciplines. I enjoyed my time working with Jay and would jump at the chance to collaborate with him again in the future.
David P. O'Hara
David P. O'Hara Senior Design Manager
Jay was an amazing design partner, working to deeply understand the user scenarios my team wanted to achieve and translating them in to elegant, simple design flows that also fit within the broader Analytics design vision. I appreciate Jay’s ability to deeply understand the customer, partner closely with Product Management, and deliver great experiences in the product.
Chole Reeves
Chole Reeves Senior Product Manager