About me

I am designer by day, and musician by night
Informal photo of a group of seven smiling adults, dressed in warm clothes and hats, and two dogs, in front of a rustic cabin in the Pacific Northwest woods
Me (standing, center-left) – with a group of great folks

Hello! Here's a bit about me, outside of work. For my work history and background, please visit my résumé.

While I've called Seattle my home for many years, I lived earlier parts of my life in both Southern and Northern California. I've always felt a strong attraction to the Pacific Ocean and its seas, and still consider days near the beach to be the best days.

Most nights, I set aside time for sessions where I play and record music. I currently am focused on this as a private, creative activity that I find both therapeutic and fun. But I imagine sharing some of this music with others in the future.

I also am a lo-fi photographer (aka lomographer), and shoot with both 35mm and Instax square format versions of the Diana plastic camera. While I also take photos regularly with my iPhone, I enjoy the drawn out experiences of taking photos with a Diana and then seeing the often surprising results only much later.

In camera juxtaposition of two lo-fi photos of the glass pyramids of the Louvre in Paris, under a cloudy sky after sunset

My wife, Anastasia, and I are "professional" aunt and uncle, and have fun doing things with all of our nieces and nephews. Anastasia is a UX writer, also a photographer, and also totally into music. Also loves the beach! We definitely "talk shop" about our work, because we both are passionate about UX and constantly learning from our experiences. But then we have two very interactive Siberian cats who often demand we "talk shop" about them, instead.

Two very fluffy Siberian cats cuddled together on a couch with pillows
Astro and Luna

I also am fortunate to have gotten to know many amazing folks in the worlds of UX and adjacent practices. I like to stay connected with my friends, mentors, and mentees from these worlds, and continue to learn from their perspectives and experiences.

So my life both outside and inside of work feed each other... and that's a segue to my résumé where you can read more about my work history and background.